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MicroHelp History: (old news)
In late 1996, MicroHelp was purchased by Luckman Interactive. In February 1997, MicroHelp officially closed their doors.  As of November 29th 1999, we have no idea where Luckman Interacive is at.
Most of the products that MicroHelp sold were licensed from outside developers. In a few cases, the original product developer is now maintaining the products.  Below is a list of the products and where they are at now.
If you do not see a product listed here, then no information on the whereabouts of the product is available.
Please, consult the company, listed below, for assistance with that particular product.

Former MicroHelp Products and Their New Homes

Other MicroHelp Links:

Microhelp, Inc. - Newport News, Virginia

Established in 1988, we provide local Computer Sales, Repair and Support Services from our offices in Newport News, Virginia.



MicroHelp - Australia

Since 1982, MicroHelp has worked with large corporate and government organizations to help maximize the business value of their investments in distributed IT systems.

BeCubed Software is not affiliated with any of the companies listed above.

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